Flordia-Shine On Authorized Dealer Simple & Easy
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I am a professional at detailing and have honestly tried everything out there that comes my way. I have been using Shine On for about the last 6 months, applying it to the surface of 5th wheels, motor homes and a few boats. My favorite part is the fact I don’t have to buff! And I love the way it looks when I am done. No swirl marks and my customers are very happy also. So, I am a very happy detailer!

Colby C.

Pro Detailer

We took our 5th wheel in to have it detailed and cleaned and the way it looks now is amazing. It is definitely shiny and no oxidation! We were told to just wash it with a mild soap and nothing more. It looks new every time we wash it! It looks just like it did when we first got it back from the detailer!

Ronald and Alice G.

RV owners

We have a small RV business (used) and we buy and sell used RV’s, and take in a lot of trades. Some good and some really dull and sun baked from being out in the sun. We started using Shine On in the shop and I can’t believe how our units are looking after using Shine On. It makes it much easier to sell. No complaining here!

Johnson’s RV